This site is online for posterity reasons only. We no longer live in New York nor are we booking new shows at 52 Colony Manor.

52 Colony Manor Established 2001
Rochester, New York

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Disclaimer Disclaimer

Please read the following information:

This site is not affiliated with the Rochester Institute of Technology in any shape or form. All shows put on at 52 Colony Manor are not sanctioned by the school and the school should not be contacted for any reason regarding an event listed on this site.

Please do not post fliers for shows on RIT campus. School policy strictly prohibts posters for public parties and doing so might cause our ejection from campus housing.

All show are strictly no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. Please do not bring anything because you will be asked to leave

Please be respectful of 52 Colony Manor while attending a show. We do not make any money from doing this and we ask that you show your appreciation by not stealing things like nice Neutral Milk Hotel posters!!!!

Copyright © by All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2004-05-31 (2719 reads)

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