This site is online for posterity reasons only. We no longer live in New York nor are we booking new shows at 52 Colony Manor.

52 Colony Manor Established 2001
Rochester, New York

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    Past Shows
    09/04/2004Back To School Blow Out - Marathon & The Hue of TwoPhoto Album Available
    08/29/2004Verse, Another Breath, No Idols 
    08/12/2004What The Kids Want, The Killing Gift, Verona, Failure's Union, Escape GracePhoto Album Available
    08/08/2004Damage Deposit, Side X Walk, Step On ItPhoto Album Available
    08/07/2004Where Eagles Dare, Life In Pictures, The Back Up Plan, Life Long Tragedy, These DaysPhoto Album Available
    08/06/2004Forensics, Baroness, Pack of Vipers, The Sylvan ScreenPhoto Album Available
    07/31/2004Autumn Picture, Ghost Tales, Italy.France.NetherlandsPhoto Album Available
    07/30/2004Tomorrow is Forever, The Progress, Fantasy Controller, Looking-Glass Self, Lover Not FighterPhoto Album Available
    07/29/2004Vostok, Women, Farewell InjuriaPhoto Album Available
    07/04/2004Welcome the Plague Year, Skate KorpsePhoto Album Available
    05/13/2004The Break, Killed For Less, MeiuxPhoto Album Available
    04/24/2004The Pax Cecilia, Meiux, Gentleman's ClubPhoto Album Available
    04/17/2004Black Sheep Squadron, Have Heart, Skate KorpsePhoto Album Available
    03/22/2004Fifth Hour Hero, Hue of Two, Trincity SunrisePhoto Album Available
    03/12/2004The Spark, Of WolvesPhoto Album Available
    01/09/2004MarathonPhoto Album Available
    11/14/2003Tamiroff, PilotPhoto Album Available
    09/26/2003The Avram, Theives AuctionPhoto Album Available
    10/18/2002Hedaya, The Avram 
    04/05/2002Bad Business, Nobody Cares, Against the Odds, Playtoy, The Awakening 
    09/14/2001The Disaster