End Of The Summer
Date: Wednesday, August 18 @ 09:53:47 EDT
Topic: Shows

What an amazing summer of shows we had! Personally I think that Vostok from Florida was absolutely amazing so you should definitely check them out if you missed the show. There are only two more shows left before school begins. After much thought and considerations, 52 Colony is going to hold off doing anymore shows for the time being. We have been in discussions with the university about doing events on campus at a larger venue. For instance, Saturday September 18th will be the Tamiroff CD release with Let It Burn. This will probably not be here at 52 Colony but will be on the campus somewhere and sponsored by the radio station.

We also to stress that we want everyone to come out for the August 29th show with the Verse. Verse had about $10,000 worth of equipment stolen from them recently while on this tour. It would mean a lot to them if as many kids as possible gave them the support they need right now. Also Another Breath is returning from their European tour so this is a show you do not want to miss!

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