Change Of Heart
Date: Sunday, September 05 @ 12:07:36 EDT
Topic: Shows

Last night was the Marathon/Hue of Two show, and it was amazing. If you missed this show and you were in the area then you should be ashamed. The photos are already up so be sure to check them out There was easily over a 100 people that made it out, and the space was packed. The crowd was hungry to hear No Sweat! on the house stereo, and we more then happy to play it! All kidding aside, this was one of the biggest shows ever and nothing went wrong. Campus Police came out but they didn't care except that we had to move Marathon's van & trailer from blocking the fire lane.

For this summer it was definitly a mistake to do as many shows as we did. Some were absolutely amazing, like the Vostok show in July, and some were absolutely awful but we won't name names. As many of you know, we are on probation with campus housing for shows, and one more infraction and we will be removed from housing. So we were a little apprehensive about continuing shows, but after last night we think it will be ok. We will return to our once a month schedule. We have tried to do shows legitmately with the school but have been denied a venue. Check back in a couple weeks for our October/November shows.

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